The earliest mention of Mallakhamb can be traced back to the 12th Century where it is mentioned in the classic “MANASOLHAS” (1135 A.D.).For about seven centuries after that, the art form remained dormant until it was given a new lease of life by BALAMBHATTADADA DEODHAR, the renowned teacher of PESHWA BAJIRAO-II during the first half of the 19th century.

However, competitive Mallakhamb at the National level first made its appearance at the National Gymnastics Championships held at the Pahadganj Stadium, Delhi, in the year 1958. It was here that the Gymnastic Federation of India proposed to recognize the game and include it in subsequent National Gymnastics Championships.


To guarantee an objective and uniform evaluation of exercises in competitive Mallakhamb.

To provide a basis by which evaluation of Mallakhamb competition at the National Championships or Selection Trials and other recognized Invitational Competitions can be standardized, since it is recommended that this Code of Point be utilized at all National, State, District Level Championships and Selection Trials.

To act as a guideline for competitors and coaches in preparing for the competitions.

To act as a technical guideline for organising Mallakhamb Competitions


Mission Of MallakhambIndia.

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